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March 03, 2008



I think she looks a bit more like a Sal than a Sally but I had an odd little train of thought - the color reminds me of the best OPI color ever, "Not Really a Waitress" and then I tried to think of a waitress we know and love and came up with Flo. So, yeah, my suggestion is Flo. And if I don't win, well then, "Kiss my grits!"

(just kidding!)


Hmm...I already commented, but it's not showing up. Which is ok, because my name suggestion had already been taken. So I'd like to make another suggestion: Lucy (as in the famous redhead Lucille Ball).


1000 members!!! YAY!!! And as for the van, how about Bertha the Inferno?


I think that Lucy (in honor of the famous redhead) would be a great choice! Thanks for the contest.


I think that Lucy (in honor of the famous redhead) would be a great choice! Thanks for the contest.


I think that Lucy (in honor of the famous redhead) would be a great choice! Thanks for the contest.


What a beauty--congratulations! How about Minnie? :)


Fun give away! Congrats on the 1000! Hmmm... Lava Red... how about Roxie?

Lil' d

How about Joyce - my grandma had bright red hair, and it's a nice old-fashioned name that isn't often used.


How about Rosie? good luck with your new van....


Name your beautiful new vehicle "Sari."

She'll like it!


Pele, of course! Pele is the Hawaiian goddess of fire. A car with the color "inferno" demands a goddess-y name. ;)

BTW we have a 2007 Chrysler Town & Country in Inferno, so I guess that makes our vans stepsisters.


1000 members - that's so great!

I think you should name the car Dante.


how' bout:



How about Lady Scarlett or Lady Blush.
Congrats on reaching 1000


Love the wheels! What about Cinnamon? It's red hot like your new VAN!! Ü


Although it doesn't really go well with the Inferno part, I suggest Beruška, because that's what it looks like to me... (The word is Czech for ladybird and has an endearing sound to it. Pronounced Beh-roosh-kah with stress on first syllable.) Or you could go with Coccinelle (for a french esprit).
Either way (or none of these); enjoy your car!!!

Amanda Fuentes

I'd go with Elvira! :)


When I was in high school, my friends and I called my mother's Honda Civic "The Shorts" for reasons that could only make sense to a teenager. That's the first name that came to mind for me.

These days, I'd be more likely to call your lovely Inferno coloured Caravan Phoenix or Sol or Manda (short for Salamander, a fire elemental) or Brigid.


Name it Bertha. Like, Big Bertha. *lol* Really, I'm not so hot at naming cars! But despite the soccer mom stigma, that's one nice looking minivan! Congrats!


Oh, I love that color! I wish mine was that color *pout*

I'd call her Red Hot Mama for a red hot mama! LOL


All cars should be named Betsy.


I would say Lola! Any van that runs is a great van (speaking as the owner of VW)..


laura f.


please enter me...
how about Jackie-O she looks so classy!


I'm thinking something with "Cherry" in it....


funny how even women think of their cars as females. i totally thought it was a male-sexist thing for the longest time. i guess it's just me. ; )
anyway, i always thought of my cars as males, so i'm going to suggest a male name for you, if that's ok. i was thinking about Tom (i hope that's not the name of anyone in your close family. might get a bit amusing). Tom is a solid name, it makes me think of a large sturdy guy that can carry a lot of heavy things (like a mover, or a lumberjack - you get the picture, right?).
i hope you enjoy your new car, whatever you choose to call it. red cars are always (a little bit) better anyway. at least i think so.
nice to meet you! your blog is great.


Loving that you made it to 1000! I love your group: it's the first one I check! As for your beautiful new van, Sally seems like a great name for a car. I'm fond of the mustang, and you could imagine that's what she is when you're driving down the road with your windows down. I also agree with the person who said first impressions are the best when choosing a name!




Love your site and the recipes!! How about "Sadie" for your new caravan? I love that name. Or Sadie May? I love naming cars, plants, everything.


I vote for Blaze!


Raquel comes to mind. Big, bold, sexy. Congrats on your Ravelry numbers! I haven't been as active on the group as I could...too busy.


"Miss Molly" popped into my head... like the song - Good Golly Miss Molly. Well... I decided to google the lyrics (I guess I NEVER paid attention besides that first line) Ummmm... is she a frisky car??? LOL. I'd go with one of the less licentious names suggested above :)


I LOVE NAMING CARS! My first car was Benson; my second, was Jet; my last car didn't have a name, because we hated it; and my current car is the Nada Mobile. Oh, and I named Brian's Rover The Veliocicraptor.

I don't feel like I can do your car justice without at least riding in it, so I'm about to do a never before attempted mind-simulation: I will drive you car with my BRAIN! Hmmm... smooth ride, nice smell, holds me in all the right places, big round bottom... I'm thinking Ester.


Wow, that is a grand milestone and a wonderful giveaway!! How about "Flaming Betty." I don't know where that came from... Funny!


I would suggest Carly (the Caravan). I must admit, though, that Uhltje's suggestion for Edna is a good one too. The neighbor boy calls me Edna, I can't figure out how he gets Edna from Tanya but it cracks me up every time he calls me Edna. I don't even correct him anymore! Congratulations on the new wheels.


Well, if you might consider a male name, I'd suggest "Eric" (the Red). However, if you're set on a female name, "Elsa"'s kind of catchy...
Good luck with choosing!


I think she is a "Stella". Great color!

Fay Lynn

The rising Phoenix!

Kathy in KS

What a fun contest. I'm delurking to suggest a couple of names. We had a red station wagon when I was a kid named Betsy. She was great. Right now, my dad has a huge Dodge Ram that he named Bertha. But I like old Disney names too. How about Tink, Perdita (the mom Dalmation from 101), Mrs. Jumbo, Pollyanna, or go with a real off the wall one...The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again. It is sort of a candy apple red...


Congratulations on 1000 members and the new ride! That is just wonderful. Thank you so much for including us (even the lurkers!) in your celebration!


Just call her your "Red Hot Momma"!! Congrats!!!!

Kathi D

I'm thinking "Flora the Red Menace" because it sounds a little dangerous, as an antidote to the soccer mom thing.


Will the name of the van be drawn as well as the winner of the goodies? Or will there be a vote for name? Public? Just your family? Just the RtC girls?


I just have to comment on Dree's suggestion - while Roxanne is a wonderful name, I can not tell you how much I hate that song!! :) However, I really like the idea of having a song to go with the name, so that your van has a theme song! How about Gloria to go with that awesome song by Van Morrison? Or may Cecelia from the Simon and Garfunkel song? Good luck!!


Congrats on the 1000 mark, wow is all I can think right now. As far as a name....I think something cute like Red Robin or I really liked the Sassy Sally that was mentioned before.


Everyone... WOW!!! I'm so blown away by your suggestions!!! :D

I'm thinking I will do a poll to see which name stands out to you all - and that will be the name of the car! The winner of the drawing will get the goods though hehe :D


I was also thinking of Pippi! I saw someone already mentioned that.
I've never named a car before. Great idea!


There are some fab names based on the colour - I love Rosie:-)

I'm going off on a tangent and am going to suggest Cordelia, bear with me..

My favourite red head was always Anne of Green Gables and when she was first introduced to Marilla she asked to be called Cordelia .. it makes sense in my head!

Early Bird Special

Yay! Good for you, on making it to 1000 members. You rock! Personally, I love the color of your ride. I've had a total of 4 cars in the red family! But now I drive something gold.

My suggestions are: Ruby, Stella, or Rosie. :)

Can't wait to see what you pick!


Congrats on the new car! I like the Oz theme, which is close to my heart. My grandmother was given all the Oz books when they first came out, and she read them all to me. But I'd go with Glinda, the good and powerful sorceress who rules the Quadling Country in the South, which is the red quadrant of Oz (all parts of Oz have a color). She is wise, powerful, and kind, and obviously travels very fast :) She is the protector and adviser of Ozma, Princess of Oz.

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