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March 03, 2008



first thing that comes to mind is HOT TOMALE. but i thought carol's choice of VANNA was perfect ... i'll be back for the poll. :)


big bertha!


BOB. As in Bob the Tomato (veggie tales). :-)


BOB. As in Bob the Tomato (veggie tales). :-)


Sadie Sue is my choice...heh. Ours are named Estrella and the Big Black Van.


Bertha! That baby is going to be haulin' quite a bit if it's put to use like my van ;-) Best wishes and congrats on the new wheels.

Michele C

My mom called our family car, "Betsy." That way, she would always say, "Whoa, Betsy!"

-- Michele


I want that van!! I'm hoping to get a Caravan before the fall so I don't get sucked into buying a hideous Previa! anyway, name the van Jezabel


I always name my My babe's name is Feebie and she is a ford

Anyway, i like the name Sally-Anne for your car. Have a great weekend

Allison J

I say you choose for Malabrigo! The best yarn ever!! After all, your kick booty ride should be named after some kick booty yarn!


Congrats on having so many wonderful things to celebrate. I actually agree on the suggestion of "Rosie."


Wow, now that's what I call a contest! Congrats on the 1000--that's huge!


I guess I should answer your question too,huh? You know, I've never named a car. Ever. The only friends I know who have a name for their vehicle is an old green VW bus they call "the pickle". It's a very recognizeable vehicle, with a very memorable name. And my friend debs used to have an MR2 she called "the stealth". But other than that, this is all foreign to me. I have a hard time even naming my cats, that's why one is "that baby", because that's what he got used to be called, lol. So I'm afraid I'm not much help. I would say the traditional names sound too soccer, and if you want to get away from that, name it in French or something, lol. What's red in french? Or how about Pele, the goddess of fire in Hawaii?


I love the color of your new van. I have an older model Plymouth Voyager van. Never had any problems with it. The only name that comes to mind for your new van is "Ruby".


Lil Momma or MoMo.
I just got a new baby and I need a name too- I'll have to read all 100 of your comments for some ideas!

Jillian I know where you've been! haha...i was wondering why you never blog, it just didn't seem like you. LOL

Can I say a big freaking congrats (as late as I am) to ur beautiful new ride!!!

Have fun at rent...I will look forward to your return so I can stalk you once again.


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