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March 05, 2008



You rock!! Your projects are lovely and I like that you included how much time and money you spent. It's amazing how much money and time we can save with just a little thinking and planning.


I really, really am loving it. And you have inspired me- because I have a bunch of cheapo chalkboards that I don't even dare give away because chalk doesn't actually erase from them. NOW I know what to do! You're a genius! (as typing the last sentence, I was not a genius- I had 3 typos to correct)


Cute top and skirt!


Lots of cute projects here today! I LOVE the little top you made from the pillowcase tutorial. I will definitely be making some of those for my daughter. Thanks for the idea!


I was just checking out that skirt pattern again. I'm thinking of making it for my daughter for Easter to pair with a cute cardigan!


Love the design of that top. I was looking for a simple pattern for a top for my daughter. I'm going to look into this one!
I came here via the Embroidery Blog, by the way.


I love that little outfit! Man, I need to get me some kids soon so I can sew for them...oh wait...I have nieces! And that little chalkboard is adorable, too.

I'm mostly a knitter, though I'm very comfortable with crochet, as well, and like to do that, too. I occasionally sew, though I'm very bad. I used to be a beader/jewelry maker, and made a bit of money from that; I still bead, but not very often, because I have too much jewelry, no one else I know wants it, and I'm not willing to put in the time to sell it anymore. I also make soap and loooove to bake, and am hoping to learn quilting this year. I love your blog because it uses so many different crafts and ideas to get me out of my all-knitting-all-the-time mode!


What a cute little outfit the soft colours are so sweet. You did a really nice job on it!

As for crafting I knit and sew mainly now. But I am working on mastering crochet, trying my hand at embroidery, and do beadwork whenever I can sit still long enough to bust out the beads.

How do I use up my fabric stash? I am battling that myself, but toys sound like a good idea to me, there is a ton of small pieces of flannel in the stash that needs to get used up.


Very cute clothes! My creative outlets are knitting (not much these days, unfortunetly), sewing, photography and sometimes making wreaths and beading. I don't really have much for fabric stash. My knitting stash, is getting crazy. Because I'm not knitting as fast or as much as I'd like, the stash is not going down as I would like.


I want to sew! I cross-stitch... although I've been super slacking on my last project. I just want to really make anything! I just need to get my butt in gear, I look a sites and get so inspired but no energy to get to it :(


That outfit is really adorable! It's so sweet and springy! I do so many different kinds of crafts, it really depends on my mood. I'm hoping to increase my productivity next week. Post declutter and b-day bash. We'll see. Can't wait to see what you post next time. I am really drawn to a lot of the colors you use.

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