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June 18, 2008



I love your journal, and the photography of it, and the fat quarters, is wonderful as usual.

My creative idea is to make one of the journals with watercolor paper for those watercolorists among us. For nature watercolorists... alternating a sheet of watercolor with journal paper would be lovely, too.


Beautiful journal. I love the colors.


what about a quilt like this for the fat quarters???


What a beautiful journal. This is not a suggestion of what you can do with all of them, but someone on Rav said that she cut her fat quarters into quarters, hemmed them, and then used them for cloth napkins. They are small enough to "use up" every time and don't add bulkiness to the wash. Plus letting her kids pick a pattern encouraged them to actually use the napkins.
I should do a search so I can give credit to whomever thought up this idea.


Beautifil Journal you did a great job-and so wonderful of you to decide to give it away :)
Hmmm Using up fat quarters-i usually make wallets or pouches from mine. My grandma used to get a whole bunch and then use them for a quilt. or pillows, table runners, placemats(my fav, i love having my plate on a placemat she made)
I am not sure if your into making toys for your little one but i have used fat quarters for toys as well.
have a great day.


I love your journal idea. How pretty. Are you sure you want to give it away???? So sweet. I was wondering if you had thought of choosing a favorite piece of material and purchasing an inexpensive frame and mat and framing it? Perfect art that may be easily and inexpensively changed out!!! Glad I found you through tracey's blog....


Beautiful journal. I am a sucker for all journals. Seriously. I have zillions and always need more!


That is a lovely journal!

Here is an idea for using up fat quaters: Hair bandanas. You should be able to get two from every fat quarter, plus a little to add an accent to another one of coordinating fabric. With your 20 pieces you can make 40 (each unique) hair bandanas.

I don't know what anyone would do with 40, but after you make a quilt you will have less fabric.

Cute colors by the way.


Love the journal, hopefully you'll post how you did the in are they bound?

As for my ideas:

Wonder Wallets by Lazy Girl Designs
Gift Bags - as in the little ones that have the channel in them to hide things, toys, actual gifts, etc.
Bible cover w/handles



More ideas for the fabric stash.... all from


Susan Cahill

How about a tote bag, maybe a matching wallet, glasses holder, tissue holder, etc. I love the bags made with a variety of pretty fabrics like you've got there.


That journal is beautiful and I would love to write in it.

I bet some of those fabrics would look great as aprons!

Or make a deskset. You could cover small boxes and cans for your desk (or for a gift).

Clothes pin bag (it's cute):

Fabric bags for the store:

Doll clothes

Diaper covers

Small head Pillows


Lovely journal!

How about cutting some of the FQs into 4" squares, piece them together randomly into a square or rectangle to use as the outside of tote? Use more FQs for lining and pockets.


A bunch of funky pillows. You could use one fat quarter (or cut it down to to fit a 14" x 14" pillow) I would use a piece of patterned fabric, backed with a solid color...or use all solid and cut out funky animals (birds, deer, etc) and wonder under them or stitch them on the front and you'll have some really cool new home decor!


I like the doll clothes idea for your girls. That would let you experiment with new techniques, too. Tissue holders would be nice, too. The kind that hold those small tissue packs for you purse. You can make a few and get a jump start on holiday gifts or any upcoming birthdays.

Beautiful journal!


here is an awesome quilt you could use the fabric for. i am planning on making this in teh near future


You're giving it away to one of us lucky gals? Awesome!! I'd suggest to use your fat quarters for making some matching bandanas for your cute girls and make a matching one for their baby doll! I've seen some like that for the American Girl dolls(?) and their expensive but so cute! Or how about with your smaller pieces, some sachets for your drawers? You know, the ones where you sew up the 3 sides, fill with some lavende and rice, sew up the 4th side and slip them into your bureau or between your towels, sheets? Ü


Did you hear my fake Southern drawl there? rofl, I meant Lavender Ü


That stack of fabric is gorgeous! As is the journal. One thing I want to make my girls this summer is a doll. I downloaded this pattern and want to give it a try. You would only need scraps from other projects for the clothes. I also want to make pencil crayon rolls. I always love patchwork purses. The ideas are endless really!


I used those same fat quarters and made a "Turning Twenty" quilt for my niece. You can see the end result here.


I was *just* thinking to myself yesterday (while in the fabric / fat quarter section of JoAnn fabrics!) that I have many fat quarters and I really should dig out my sewing machine and do something with them. I picked up "SewSimple" (I think that's the title) and they have a little project of Beach Balls that uses fat quarters - that will be my first project - a few soft balls for my daughter to play with / drool on / teethe on. The journal is beautiful!


How about some juggling blocks? Bibs & aprons? Bean bags? Not very original, I know, but I'm stumped! Gorgeous journal and fabric by the way :) Thanks for stopping in!


I saw a website that had a how to make yur own wallet. The fabric colors would lend well to having a WOW effect on a wallet.


Got enough fat squares for a hammock??? NO? Then how about a lot of little, individual hammocks for Kathi's chickens.. they've got everything else.


Kristin, that book is simply fabulous! Great job. As for fat quarter ideas, I would cut them up and make a set of log cabin pillows and use what's left over them to machine applique (with the help of wonderunder) some fun designs on kids clothes.


If you wanted to get detailed and try out new techniques, try making a fabric books. And I always like to make origami style fabric envelopes. The perfect thing to wrap a gift in. Wine bottle covers too.


How about more fabric covered journals? I really like the one you made!

Carolyn A.

Maybe some sleep masks. I love them and the fabrics you have would make some beautiful ones. xxoo


Love the journal. What a great tool to keep track of project ideas.

For use of those fun fat quarter pieces, a local fabric shop here in Philadelphia posted a bird pattern which would be fun with these small pieces.

Visit Spool,

for the pattern,


I love the journal!
I have cleaned my sewing room before by making gift bags. We reuse them for Birthdays and Christmas.


your journel came out so well! Great choice of fabrics!


What lovely fat quarters, and an even lovelier book and cover! I know that they are doing mini-quilt swaps here in blogland, which would be a great way to branch out and use up the quarters after you've made your own small quilt. I think what I'd do with your extras is make more journal covers, and then add matching pencil cases (either with a little zipper, or the kind you'd make for a crayon roll, only taller, and quilted with the different fabrics. Kind of a mix and match collection of journals and the art tools to go with them. Maybe even a patchwork tote to carry them in?
Cheers to you!


Credit for my idea goes to aimeed on Rav from the "No Paper Towels?!" thread from the Simple Living group


Love the fabric. I would do a quilt and a few matching pillows. Maybe wall art of some sort. And take the left overs and make tote.


I know I'm too late for this but just wanted to say that journal is beautiful! Love the fabric you chose too.

Kathi D

I missed the contest! But my chickens did request individual hammocks, and they would like them color-coordinated to their bracelets.

Kathi D

Also, I have made little drawstring bags with fat quarters to hold a ball of yard for knitting--but of course you can use cute little drawstring bags for anything.


Hi! I think you have a lovely blog here. I see someone already posted a link to the quilt I made with that exact fat quarter stack. The pattern was quick, easy & fun. I love the journal cover you made. I look forward to reading more of your blog!

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