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June 26, 2008



I am soo glad that you guys got to take this trip and find out some answers! Reading this I just wanna cry.(Just a tad emotional lately) Just to think something might be wrong with our babies is heart wrenching! Abbi is such a sweet girl! By the sounds of it a move to Texas would be GREAT for your family and the benefits are endless compared ot what is here in Oklahoma ! I hope you get your compassionate reassignment! You are such a strong woman! I admire that! I love reading your blogs and can't wait to hear updates in the future!
P.S. Great pic of Abbi! =) I wish you guys the best!

Kathi D

She is a beautiful child. I hope and pray that you will be able to go where is best for your family. You're so right to recognize that you need some time to yourself, too. I wish for all the best for you!


Abbi is indeed a beautiful child. I am a firm believer that God makes no accidents and Abbi is exactly the way HE made her for a reason. It's a hard road, but there are so many blessings along the way. Email me, call me, let's get together if you can, or whatever you need to do before that reassignment comes through.


A hard diagnosis to handle... that's for sure. But things are the way they are regardless of whether or not the diagnosis is there. This diagnosis can help Abbi and the rest of the family - finally getting the help you need that others take for granted...

Great picture of Abbi :)



she's beautiful.

i can't thank you enough for being so transparent and vulnerable over the past few weeks. all of us have something we're dealing/or will deal with, and your family is showing us how to stay alive...the way you walk your story affects what we do with ours, and so it goes. thank you, thank you.

i'm a native texan (snyder to austin), and right now i pray that your move will be smooth, that God would grant you the blessing of a peace-filled transition.

i know that God is wild, and, frankly, it's often scary to follow him. but that very same wild God says over and over that he has a plan and a hope for those who love him. and he has even given himself the name "emmanuel" to tell us a bit about who he is and how he wants to love us~ God is with us. hold on to it. hold on to it. hold on to it. let him love you. don't box him in.

with so much love,
♥ mystele


I am so glad that you finally have something to work with now as far as an official diagnosis! Hopefully help will come somewhat easier now. As much as I would hate to see you leave, I pray that Kevin gets that Compassionate Reassignment. Abbi is such a beautiful girl and so worth everything you are doing for her! Just remember to "Be Still".
Love you much!



Kristen, I stuck with it to the end and am just amazed at how God is guiding you and your family during this time. I know you could use a big hug- I am sending one your way. I am praying that all goes smoothly for you all to move to FT Sam.. Know that you are loved.. Kami said it perfect- and it is a reminder to all of us- Be Still.. God is in control here..


I'm sorry I haven't said much during your month of June...I know it's been rough and you have been a priority in my prayers and I have set you and your family on the prayer chain here at work.

Anyhow - when we were there, Abbi was never "abnormal" to us either. She's beautifully smart and innocent. Haileigh STILL remembers her...and her spirit and tenacity in life just rubs off on everyone that truly loves her.

I wish I could be around more...I miss you dearly. Place your lives in God's hands and you will find peace.

PS...stop apologizing for the length of your blog posts. Everything you have to say is interesting and I never skip through any of them.

She really is beautiful Kristen...just like her mommy.


We're certainly praying for you and your family.... beautiful pic, too, btw

Tonya Richard

I have just recently started reading your blog so am new to this news. I am so sorry, even though y'all have realized that she probably had autism, I can imagine that having it diagnosed for sure was very hard. I will be praying that everything goes well with the reassignment to San Antonio. I have heard it is a beautiful city, dh has always wanted to visit, it is only about 6 hours from where we live.

I can't imagine how difficult this past month has been for you {{{{big hugs}}}}


This is the first time I have read your blog and my heart goes out to you and your beautiful family. Abbi is a beautiful little girl. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope being in San Antonio will give your family some peace and the help that Abbi and you needs.


I'm glad you're getting answers. I'm sorry this month has been so difficult - BIG HUGS. Your Abbi is very lucky to have such amazing parents.

Oh, and one more positive side of San Antonio - I'll be in San Angelo starting next fall (officer training school.) =)


I can empathize with you over how difficult it is to absorb a tough diagnosis, and my heart goes out to you. It's amazing what you've been able to do on your own to this point! You are so inspiring. Sending warm and caring thoughts your way~

Kevin Rose

Love you Abbi!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for posting this Kristin.


Kristin, she is so beautiful.

I'm sorry the diagnosis sounds grim right now. I'm really hoping that knowing what's wrong will help you and the doctors to really help Abbi live her life to the fullest. I'm also really hoping you get San Antonio!

Amy B. (Early Bird Special)

Oh Kristin, what an incredible story. My hope for you and your family is that you get restationed to San Antonio, because it sounds like they have some really amazing people who could do some amazing things for your family.

Being a fellow Oklahoman, I am upset and quite frankly a little angry that this state doesn't have any ABA therapists, and basically doesn't cater to families dealing with autism.

You are an amazing woman willing to do anything it takes for her family, and that is truly admirable. Stay strong and know that you have an entire community here to comfort and support you when you need it most.



Wow, that was a lot for you guys to take in at once. Let yourself cry and get mad and then get on with it. Things will work out.

Life will be a challenge for her, but she is beautiful and will make life a brighter place for you. Sending you strength!


Much love to you and your family. I don't really have any other words for you right now. Life is such an odd trip, we almost never know where we will end up, so we might as well love the journey, taking it day by day.

Shannon O.

I'm so glad you have answers...for us it was heart-wrenching and a bit of a relief. I also know it is hard to be pro-active when our children are involved....emotions seem to run high.

When Brady was diagnosed I thought they were crazy, although I had been suspecting it all along. Also, when he was more recently diagnosed with severe Apraxia, I thought ...What? Not Brady...he's perfect!

Abbi is beautiful, and lucky to have such a committed, loving family....something she will need throughout her journey.

As always, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.


I have been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now. I'm so sorry thigs have been so tough for you lately, I really am. One thing I wanted to tell you about. My friend has twin boys, both are autistic, 3 years old. They lived here in middle Tennessee but moved to Minneapolis/St. Paul because they have a great school system and state resources for autistic kids, more than the rest of the country.
I have another friend, her son has Ausbergers? Mispelled. Her son is in a program at Vanderbilt. Its a type of autism.
I'm praying for Abbi and you. Amie


Abbi is a cutie and God knew you would be the parents she needed. I lived in San Antonio for a while and hope you get your move there. God will see you through this. There's a song I love with a line that says, "to hear Him say, this one's mine, child of the living King." I'll think of Abbi when I hear this song from now on. I love your blog. Do not change a thing.


Well first of all you never have to be sorry or rationalize what your writing. This blog is your outlet for whatever you want it to be.
Second and more importantly-you have touched me with your sincerity and how you just lay it all out there. i can't imagine how hard this month has been for you but you have been an amazingly strong woman and Abbi is so lucky to have you and your husband for her parents because it is so obvious how much you love her and that you would do anyting for her.
I know this must be very hard having the facts "written in stone" but nothing will change what Abbi is for you and that she will grow up to be a wonderful person and touch people in her own way.
You are all in my thoughts!

ellen kelley

May you be supported by loving and caring people. May the paths that open up for you and your family lead to that place where you will find the help you need, where comfort and solace embrace all of you, and where hope and joy glimmer ever brighter with each day.



I know this must be incredibly hard for you. I hope that the journey ahead will find you with both strength and peace.


Wow! That sounds like a lot to digest and process. Praying for you that all the details for the transfer fall in to place smoothly! And praying that they're able to do the test you discovered and find some answers!

Sarah Mackenzie

My thought is that it's better to know what exactly is going on, even if it's something you may not necessarily like to hear. I have two cousins who are concidered mentally retarded, so I understand to a point about the stigma with the words. It sounds like with the move, there are new opportunities out there for everyone. Wish you and everyone the best.

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