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July 18, 2008



I love going into a place of business no matter where it is and they are soo pleasant! It makes it me feel better about my experiences! I just love the pics of Anna & Abbi! I'm glad you had a nice trip witht he girls today!


I am really learning to enjoy the simple things like this. Getting food, a shower of rain. Really, I am learning THIS is what matters most. Family together doing simple things. I love the photo of your daughter in the car. Sheer joy! Sometimes I have a "plan" of things I want to get done and something happens to get in the way. I am working on not letting that bother me too much because often the thing that gets in the way COULD be fun when looked at from a different point of view.


I am so jealous of your beautiful produce. What great pictures, especially of the girls!

We, too, have a near-spiritual relationship with our local farmer (also about 30 miles away). Congratulations on your special day. ;)



I LOVE that last pic of Abbi. Her smile is so incredibly contagious.
Congrats on finding a farmers market. Fresh produce is my absolute favorite part about summer.


Nothing is better than finding someone who still appreciates their customers and community. I need to find a place like that. The pictures of your girls are just gorgeous, I'm so glad you are enjoying the summer.


Thank you for letting me have a look in your life. I love the pictures and the enjoyment of the children are the treasures for life!


I'm with Abbi about the rain; I love it. The sound, the smell, the way the air hugs all around you.

Those blackberries are gorgeous!! Great post. Thanks for sharing it all with us.


That's so neat that you found a farmer's market...we have one here it's just not that great...The majority of the farmer's harvest only veggies. I wish more of them would grow fruit. Although it's probably harder to grow fruit here. I wouldn't really know. Great pictures btw. :)


What a great find. Check out, for other options for local food. I found the CSA my parents support through this site.

Love the pics of the girls. Looks like the drive was worth it.


Those berries look delicious. I'll bet there's something extra satisfying about picking your own.

And I LOVE the pictures of your girls!


Glad to hear it was such a great experiance for you!!


Kristen, I so loved seeing Abbi's joy over the rain.. I, too love the rain.. I miss Oregon badly.. I am so very happy you and the girls had such a wonderful day. May God bless you..

Amanda Fuentes

Oh that looks yummy! Worth the drive indeed! And the joy on the girls faces... just precious!


YUMMY Wonderful Summer Memories ! Take Care !

ellen kelley

Oh, happy day! Good for all of you. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everyting will be working out in all of the ways you hope.


That photo with the strawberries is priceless. I just found your blog via just're a talented gal!

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