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July 29, 2008


kae aitch

I wd like to be a tester... it looks really nice and I need another project!
(looking around nervously for H hook)


I'm interested in being a tester. I've always wanted to knit a calorimetry, but I prefer crocheting over knitting. (:

Awesome Mom

I wish I could try this pattern out, but I am a hard core knitter. I can't seem to get the hang of crochet.


I'd be happy to be a tester for you. As soon as it's done, I'll post another comment with a link to a pic and let you know how it went.


Oh yeah! I think I love you! Headbands are so my thing but most crochet ones look so ugly! thank you! I am so testing this for you!


OK, you've confused me on row 3. If there are only 4st in row 2, then row 3 doesn't work. Also, I'm assuming you are not counting the turning ch as a dc?


you're right about row 3 - off to fix it! (and the turning ch does not count as a dc) :)


whew - okay - so i had to update all of the numbers for rows 3-13 - sorry!


OK, got it done! Once I figured out the row 3+ problem, it was all good. I made it for my 9yo DD, so I started the decreases after row 27 instead of row 29. As you can tell, it could have been a bit narrower for her as well. I used Caron Simply Soft with the H hook. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern. My almost 6yo DD has already requested one as well, so I'll be making another quite soon.
(You should be able to click on my name to see the pic)

Shannon O.

I really must learn to crochet...that angora looks yummy!


Congrats on your 100th post! I'm starting this pattern as soon as I get home tonight. It's lovely.


Wow! I'll try the pattern out...and try to post some picures too. :D


Oh! I just love this! I love my cal. that I knitted, but I know all the crocheters out there are going to be stomping to your blog for this gem! Way to go!

Amanda Ryan

Well done on reaching 100 (posts, that is). If only I knew how to crochet. My grandmother was forever crocheting things, and tried to teach me, but it never stuck.


I'd like to be a tester! This would be great for my daughter and I walking to school on cold mornings. I realize that I'm joining in late, but this pattern should only take a couple of sittings.

I've enjoyed your blog!


Meg I love it!! its so interesting to see how different fibers & yarns work to create a totally different look. I used superwash wool so the draping is different, but I'm loving the Caron Simply Soft look too. :) Thank you so much for your help!

Its definitely not too late for anyone else wanting to join in! You have until midnight on August 9th so plenty of time! :)


that is really cool looking! I would love to test it out but I tried on several occasions to crochet- I really wanted to learn- but made a muck of things. Not to mention my inability to make my fingers do what I want them too!! It looks lovely though.


I'd love to be a tester! This is my favorite Knitty pattern but I absolutely cannot knit well enough... you're my hero! I'll be back with a FO pic, hopefully! :)


I am in! I'll start tonight.. hmmm, maybe I'll have it done to wear tomorrow when I'm playing hookie from work and at the fair!

Tone Myklatun

If only my crochet skills had been any good..... Looks realy cool!


How adorable! I don't knit or crochet, just popping in to say HI and wish you a Happy 100th. What a great contest! (And you look so sweet in the Cal.)


Happy 100th! I post so infrequently I'll take years to get to that point!


I tested the pattern. I used Bernat Berella 4 yarn color 08973, Terra Cotta Mist and "H" hook. I guestimate that I used about 100 yards. I will be posting the picture soon.

This is a quick crochet pattern. I initially used the Red Heart Super Saver with the "I" hook but is was extremely large and bulky even the omission of rows.

barbara james

I like the pattern, haven't made it yet, but I will. I'm left handed, and it seems none of the designers I've volunteered to have need of a lefty. But I will try to get back to you about it anyway.

Shannon Kissling

Great! Thanks! I can't knit either, and love these things! I'll TRY to have it done by the 10th....

Rachel Bird

I would like to be a tester for you. I can even get started later tonight.

Rachel Bird

I have mine done a a picture taken. I don't know how to past pictures here.


No problem Rachel! Anyone who wants to post a link to their photo can upload to photobucket or flickr and just copy and paste the link into their comment, or in the "URL" section of the personal info when leaving a comment. Or email (though I'd prefer it posted here so others can see too)!


I tested it and it worked up easily. Thanks for the pattern I will surely be making more of these.

Here are the links to the pics...



I tested the pattern. I used Bernat Berella 4 yarn color 08973, Terra Cotta Mist and "H" hook. I guestimate that I used about 100 yards.


I made one of these up, the pattern was easy to read and it worked up fast but, it is too big for my head! And I thought I crocheted tight!
I guess that means I will just have to make another one up, but this time I will go go down a hook size.
Thanks for the great pattern!


I made one of these up, the pattern was easy to read and it worked up fast but, it is too big for my head! And I thought I crocheted tight!
I guess that means I will just have to make another one up, but this time I will go go down a hook size.
Thanks for the great pattern!


Very nice! Thank you for creating this pattern it's great.


I made one. :) Thanks for sharing the pattern!


Saw a sample calorimetry in local yarn shop, which was the pattern from Don't know how to knit so googled and found your crochet pattern. I am a novice crocheter & saw the comments that from Row 3 down pattern needed correction. Can you tell me how I need to correct pattern? Is there a newly corrected pattern posted somewhere?

Danielle for Retro ReDesign

Totally love it! Had it done in about 90 minutes and used black for the head band with baby blue crocheted flower! STUNNING! Making matching scarf and mittens~thank you!


Thank you for this pattern! I'm making my second one at the moment. I omitted 2 middle rows for a snugger fit. Really love it!

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OMGoodness!!!!! do you have any idea how happy & relieved you've made me??!!! the knit version has totally aggravated & frustrated me. i gave up & decided to do a search for a crochet version - and here i am!!!!! thank you soooooooooo much!!!!


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