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July 06, 2008


Amanda Ryan

Julia, at Camille's Place, has made some cute little teddy bears that look absolutely right for clutching and cuddling -

Shannon O.

I've done different types of play clay, slime, chunky crayons, and a 'taggie' blanket. The blanket is a 12x12 double-sided fleece with different 1.2" loops of ribbon sewed in the seams. The ribbons are all different colors and textures.....know what I mean?

I love your shirts and your bean bags (I've done these, as well)!


This has nothing to do with this post really, but I always come here looking for a link to the forum and I never see one in the sidebars?


Does she have a bouncy horse that is her size? She might love the movement!


Those bean bags are too cute:) I'm in the process of making a cloth hopscotch game and a cars mat for the kids. Any kind of "on-the-floor-but-can-make-my-toys-more-interesting" kind of project seems to make my kids happy. And bags. Like your bean bag, uh, bag, for all her treaures. Or anything she wants to keep from her sister! There is the thought of making a ring game... A set of cloth donuts, that will nestle together, and get larger. Bet you could find some really fun fabrics. Anyway, hope that helps, sure do love your blog!


Delurking finally to say that I can no longer remember how I found you (must've been searching for something!), but since finding you a few months back, have continued to journey with your family, keeping you in prayer, and rejoicing with the good moments.

My youngest is just now two, and she is loving felt food (really simple ones - brown circles for pancakes and taco shells, white circles with yellow centers for eggs, etc. A photo is here: She will set her table and play with it (and often try to eat it, true) for sometimes several minutes on end.

I also love the idea from soulemama - making a cloth photo album/story of her life - with photos of her and your family and her favorite things. I think this is the right link: - it'd be a great way to use up some fabric too).

blessings to you all!


Hi Kristin, I didn't read to see this was already posted or not...but what about one of those little blankets that has the ribbon tabs hangine out from the sides? Maybe she'd like the different textures to touch? She might like the brightness of the colors too?


If you have some time to crochet i have simple and easy crochet food you could make her. was a huge hit with violet for her bday. And her friends loved it too. Pluse they are super cute.


If she is able to color, maybe a crayon roll for her crayons and some tablets of paper. Or maybe like they said a tabby blanket, or maybe a blanket with pockets to put things in, different little toys and that sort of thing. Or maybe an "I Spy" blanket where she could look for different things in the print of the fabric.


does she need a weighted blanket? one of cotton that is light and not hot while still being weighted would be brilliant. Like a low-loft quilt with beans in it or something. I don't know how this would be possible, but it would be AWESOME. (spoken by someone who likes weighted blankets even in summer, but always gets really hot...>.>)


I absolutely love your bean bags! They are soooo cute and LOVE the storage bag!


Does she have a weighted blanket? I have made a few for children with sensory issues and autism. You wouldn't believe how much comfort they bring them. I generally use plastic bean bag filler in mine- 10% the weight of the child. I make channels in a quilt (think down comforter) and fill them with the beans.

Kathy in KS

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for posting the slime link several days ago. We were visiting my dad for his birthday on the 4th, and my sister just happened to have an entire canister of cornstarch that had expired, and we made that version over at my dad's. It was super easy and the boys couldn't believe that I was letting them stick their hands it in. Best part, totally washable. They rinsed off in the pool, and later that day, it rained, so that washed off the picnic table. We are totally doing that again. But this time, we're going to try adding food coloring...


I'm SO trying those beanbags, like, today. Maybe I'll have the kids help me.


Another thought--does she like looking at pictures of herself? You could put togehter a book (scrapbooking or on the computer) of 'A Day in the Life of Abby', and shap some photos of her out and about in the day, from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night. She probably loves routine and predictability, and a book about that exact thing would be spectacular! Plus, you get to be creative, which you love to do.



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