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July 21, 2008


Awesome Mom

I can hardly blame the poor girl! I am kinda scared of him too.


wow...not to sound repetitive but David Hasselhoff is pretty scary. That part in the movie never really made that much sense to me either but maybe that is the only kind of role he can get now. Also I really litterally got chills when I read that your were thinking about getting a service dog for Abbi. That would be so great for her, I know so many people that benefit greatly from them. I hope that works out for her.

Kathi D

She is a smart girl.

Shannon O.

OMG - poor girl! I wonder if it's the contrast between cartoon and human form? Something like that happens to the boy, when the two are's hard to keep from laughing, but you know they are really scared!

We have just started thinking about a service dog for Brady.....along with many other things like GFCF diets,OT, music therapy and horse therapy. So many things, it consumes our entire beings!

Congratulations on finding a meal that the kids will eat...this is no easy feat, I'm sure!

Brady started ABA this past winter,and although he is only getting half of the recommended time,we've seen some nice carry-over into home life. Some days, I'm not sure what the goal is...but as long as I see some progress, we carry on. His greatest gain has been in the area of Speech......I hope and pray for everything to go as needed for Abbi to receive the services she needs. As you said, until then, you just do what you can to make up for the it, and wait, wait, wait.


Maybe her fear of David Hasselhoff will shift to Spongebob. I like to look on the bright side.

Rosanne -- Firefly Nights

Adding apples and grapes to the tuna sounds good. I've never done that. I've been making our tuna salad with Fat Free Ranch dressing from Kraft rather than mayonaise. It's not bad.

It would be wonderful if the treament you speak of works for Abbi and other children like her. She's such a pretty little girl. I also think the idea of a service dog is a good one. I didn't know that there were any that helped with autism, but it sounds like a good thing. Mosby is a therapy dog, but I've never worked with a service dog group. I hope you get a great dog.


I had the same reaction to that part in the SpongeBob movie.

I do thank you for posting the link for the Autism Service Dog through 4 Paws for Ability. A very close friend has a son with Autism and I am going to send this link to her. Her son has been in intensive therapy for a while now, after much hardache working with the local school system. Her son goes to some school therapy, some private. He has such marked change that I know the therapy is working for him. I'll mention noticing this or that when we visit. It is easy for me to measure his continuing success from one visit to the next. He'll be going into Kindergarten this year.

Anyway..thanks so much! Keep up the wonderful mommy-ing :D God Bless


I googled "bloomers tutorial" and was led to your blog and read this post. I had to chuckle at Abbi's reaction to David H. I must say that seeing Hasslehoff disturbs me (& not in a good way) so I can understand Abbi's sentiment totally. :) Sharp girl!
I know she'll do well from therapy and with the perfect doggie friend. Blessings to you.


Abby is a bright kid - Hasselhoff is creepy.


Poor Abbi, the Hoff can be terrifying remember the burger incident. On a serious note, I hope the army gets through the paperwork quickly and that you can move. The service dog sounds like a wonderful asset too. Have you looked into the horseback riding for her, there is a wonderful program here. I imagine that you could find something local too. Even the place we took our oldest had a couple autistic riders the instructor wasn't specially certified just especially patient. I can only imagine how tough it is right now, but I am thrilled that you can at least start this chapter in your life.


I just stumbled upon your blog about a month ago and have been reading it ever since. You're such an inspiring person! I'm still amazed at how easily one can relate to someone that is in the opposite side of the continent (I'm in Argentina!). I wish you get the compassionate reassignment soon :) Blessings to you.

Suzie sews

this so made me smile in a good way. I too dislike the spongebob thing, my kids adore it...and guess youngest is scared too of the Hoff!


love your blog! we have alot in common, i am also a crafty military wife who has a (high functioning) autistic child. i am so glad your hubby is home.

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