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August 14, 2008


Awesome Mom

Great ideas!!! I found several that I would love to try.


Wow, what a great list. You've given me lots of ideas (and lots of time to execute them!) Thanks!

Tonya Richard

WOW What a great list! I am going to save this post to refer to when I need a great handmade gift.


YAY! I'm so excited for this list. As for #70, I have done that. I hadn't thought of their cards, though, so maybe I"ll laminate some of their birthday cards to add with it. Here is my mail set:

93. I-Spy- I actually made a personalized I Spy book (and plan on making a few more)

Anyway- I absolutely love your list and I will be referring to it on my blog as well.


Wow! What a fabulous list. We are buying our first house and last night when DH told me what the house payment will be, I about had the big one. So, I laid in bed last night wondering what I could start making for holiday presents. Lucky me, you had the same idea on the brain!! Thank you so much. I plan on linking this post to my next blog post. Looking forward to your next lists!

: )


Wonderful! The list goes on and on!


Thanks a lot! This is just what I needed.


This is a great list! Thanks!!!! What action did you use on that photo??? I am dying to try it! Thanks!!!


You are amazing - just what I have been thinking about. I can't believe what great ideas you have given me. Thank you - thank you.

Greetings from Tasmania!!!


Posted at 3:40 AM! You do eat, breathe and sleep your wonderful ideas!!!
Beautiful photos of the girls!


What a terrific list! Thanks so much.


My goodness Kristin, that is one serious list! Fantastic list, I'll have to link to it - although I'm not in Christmas mode yet :)


You? Are awesome. I love these ideas! I can't wait to try them!


Wow! That is a lot of great ideas. I did think of another one. At least I dont think I saw it on the list. I dont have a link, but what about a fishing game with little paper or felt fish and magnets.


Holy moley that's a lot of ideas...I can't imagine how long it took to type it all out. They're awesome ideas though and a lot of them that I want to try. Great Job, two thumbs up!

Shannon O.

Absolutely rock! I have done several things on your list and will try a few others......


WOW these are great! Sorry I have been away for a while (lvg4him on Ravelry), but am SO GLAD I rediscovered your blog! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these!!! I am linking to this post from my blog!

Rosanne - Firefly Nights

What a great list. You really put some thought into it.


Wow, this is an amazing list! Tons of great ideas!

Home-made wind chimes and bird houses have been a big hit in our family (though we are nature enthusiasts; I'm not sure if every child will enjoy these?)

Keep up the great work!



Thanks for stopping by my blog with this link. What wonderful ideas. Almost too many to choose from.

on-hand modern

wow, amazing list! thanks!


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