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November 10, 2008



Sounds yummy and easy-I'll look forward to trying it!

Shannon O.

Burgers are the only meat my kids will eat...this sounds like a great idea. I always see those dollar rolls (I think that's what they're called) at the store. Like mini burger rolls. I'm giving it a try.....thanks for the idea!


Kristen, whatta great idea!! thanks. When you say baking pan- do you mean a 9x13 cake pan? or a cookie sheet with a lip around the edge?


Debra - I'd use a 9x13 baking pan just so the fat/juices don't spill out when removing from the oven! :)


Looks yummy!!! Hope all is going well for you and you are not freaking about the holidays. I know I am, I get all set to be organized this year then move. Ha, so typical me.


Awesome! I am going to try this with ground turkey. jeff would love it. and he wouldn't need to come home for lunch. :-) Thanks.


Kristen, I made these last night. 1 lb made 8 minis. I mixed in hot pepper flakes, some of that w sauce that no one can pronounce or spell :-) and salt/pepper. I sauted some chopped onions until just soft and topped the burger with it (before I cooked the burger) then I baked it like you said. It didn't break up for me- but I let them cool completely before cutting. I figure it was .24 a burger. I bought a small bottle of ketchup and mustard for jeff to keep at work.
I plan to make more today and get them in the freezer. thanks for the great recipe! hugs,debra


Those are great! Who doesn't love a cute little burger? The calories don't even count when they're that little!


I have over 100 in the freezer now! It was a long day! but jeff can eat 4 in one sitting and the kiddos wanted some too. Now he is set for 1 month. thanks again!

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